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Instrumentation from Best Weigh Scale Sales & Service in Ontario

Best Weigh Scale is experienced in all makes and models of scale instrumentation and remote devices developed over the years of electronic weighing.

We select from the most popular brands and stock quality instruments that ensure the best performance in a custom-tailored application.


Measurement Canada

Weights & Measures

Measurement Canada


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Accurate Measurement

  • Hydraulic, Electronic and Mechanical Truck and Rail Car Scales
  • Hopper, Tank, Bin, Floor, Bench and Custom Scales
  • Load Cells, Mounts and Hardware
  • Instrumentation and Process Controls
  • Leasing Available

We buy and sell used scales.

We repair all makes and models of scales.

For 24 hour Emergency service call:


Get Info - Learn how to troubleshoot your scale and set time and date.
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